The Legault government “is extremely arrogant”, says the new president of the FTQ

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The Legault government “is extremely arrogant”, says the new president of the FTQ

Magali Picard delivers a speech on the occasion of his accession to the presidency of the Federation of Workers of Quebec, the largest federation Union of Quebec.

From her first day as president of the FTQ, Magali Picard announced her colors not only on union issues, but also on political issues. It thus launched its first attack against the CAQ government.

In an interview on the 24•60 program on ICI RDI, Ms. Picard said that she did not appreciate Mr. Legault's leadership.

“I find this government to be extremely arrogant. Mr. Legault manages Quebec as if he had the entire population with him. Still, 59% of the population did not vote for this government. »

— Magali Picard, president of the FTQ

Continuing on her momentum, the new president of the FTQ, believes that this is a reason to continue the fight for have proportional representation in Quebec and review the voting system. This is essential, she stressed.

Ms. Picard believes that everyone is hungry for a new culture, a new approach to politics. He [Mr. Legault, Editor's note] will have to face this demand, which will be constant, she assured.

Briefly addressing the announced departure of Sophie Brochu, Ms. Picard indicated that this issue was discussed at the FTQ convention, which ended on Thursday.

People want to know what happened. We want an investigation with the departure of Ms. Brochu from Hydro-Québec, she said.

Still on the political level, Ms. Picard wants the FTQ to keep a distance from political parties without excluding being present in political battles.

I do not intend to make alliances with political parties, I do not want to be the branch of any political party. I want to work differently. I would like the FTQ to be present in each of the battles, but for us to be able to salute a bill with which we agree, specifying that the FTQ could also speak out against a bill for which She does not agree.

Magali Picard officially became the first woman and the first Indigenous person to chair the largest trade union federation in Quebec, the FTQ, on Thursday.

Elected without opposition, the 1,200 delegates from the central gave a long standing ovation; some have spoken of a historic moment for the FTQ.

Proud Wendate of Wendake, she said in an interview that she brings new energy to the head of the central of more than 600,000 members, although she still has twenty years of activism behind her.< /p>

A first woman and first Aboriginal at the head of the FTQ. Magali Picard, president of the FTQ, tells us about her priorities.

How will her leadership differ from the previous one?

I really want to infuse a new approach. What I want is to make the FTQ accessible. I want to bring together not only the militants of the FTQ, but the whole labor community in Quebec, she underlined.

Concerning relations with other organizations unions, we must rely on the tradition of openness to all of the FTQ – which is not the case for all union organizations.

Inside the FTQ, we saw a unit that is very inspiring. We have no choice but to work everyone together. The FTQ will certainly have discussions with the FIQ [Fédération interprofessionnelle de la santé, which represents nurses], with the whole common front. We must unite our strength, which is immense, she says.

Magali Picard, when his appointment was announced, with the outgoing president of the FTQ, Daniel Boyer.

She quickly becomes passionate when told about the minimum wage, which will drop from $14.25 an hour to $15.25 an hour on May 1. For some time now, the FTQ has been campaigning for it to go to at least $18 per hour, a threshold that it said from the start it wanted to revise, depending on the inflationary and economic context.

These are often jobs held by women. How are we going to make this government understand that we see their game? That's enough! May they respect the poorest in Quebec! We're gonna fight for this until we win. It's not normal that two people working for minimum wage need to go to a food bank.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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