The legendary actress has passed away. Her relatives, friends and admirers bid her farewell in moving words

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Sabina Mielczarek has passed away.

 The legendary actress has passed away. Her relatives, friends and admirers bid farewell in moving words

As reported by the” Super Express “portal, Sabina Mielczarek died at the age of 95. The legendary actress appeared in, among others, “Lalka” and “Znachor”, and her true love was the theater. She shared her love for the latter for generations. Her relatives, friends and admirers of her talent said goodbye to her in moving words.

Sabina Mielczarek is dead

The information about Sabina Mielczarek's death was provided by her co-workers from the Wybrzeże Theater. She was known to a wide audience for her creations in such productions as “Lalka” or “Znachor”. Those who knew her, however, knew that theater performances were her true love.

She made her theater debut in 1947 at the Polish Army Theater in Łódź. She played the role of Iris in William Shakespeare's The Tempest. The following years brought her new roles that were forever remembered by the audience. She played, among others Balladyna in Juliusz Słowacki's drama, and Lizawietta in Dostoyevsky's “Crime and Punishment.” In 1976, her artistic activity earned her the Golden Cross of Merit. Acting was not an obstacle to her starting a family. The actress married a colleague from the industry, actor Stanisław Michalski, and the fruit of their relationship was three children. The parents' footsteps were followed by the couple's two sons, Igor Michalski and Jerzy Michalski, who combine acting with singing.

Sabina Mielczarek's granddaughter also decided to continue the family acting tradition and chose to practice this profession as well. We could watch Katarzyna Michalska in “Johny” and “A Minute of Silence”, among others.

We would like to express our sympathy to Sabina Mielczarska's family, relatives and friends.

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