The Liberal Party of Quebec in the reconquest of Laval | Elections Quebec 2022

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The Quebec Liberal Party to reconquer Laval | ÉQuebec 2022 elections

Liberal leader Dominique Anglade took a walkabout at the Center de la nature, in Laval, on Sunday .

In four days, the liberal caravan made two stops in Laval. A coincidence, you say? There are never any coincidences in politics, especially not when it comes to the route of the campaign bus. The reality is that if the Liberal Party of Quebec (PLQ) loses its ridings in the Laval region, it could find itself confined to the island of Montreal.

In 2018, the Laval Liberals had managed to resist the CAQ wave in the 450. They lost only one riding out of six, that of Sainte-Rose. But the Coalition avenir Québec (CAQ) had given them a fierce fight in almost all the other ridings. last, Dominique Anglade and his Laval candidates met today behind closed doors with Mayor Stéphane Boyer.

It's more than keeping Laval, it's going to get Sainte-Rose. It is to conquer Sainte-Rose! launched Ms. Anglade, questioned about the battle she will have to fight not to lose the seats that remain to her in the region, while the polls favor the formation of François Legault.

The real challenge, honestly, is to cover as much ground as possible and knock on as many doors as possible, admits Liberal MP for Laval-des-Rapides, Saul Polo.

Saul Polo (right) has officially submitted his candidacy. He is the only elected member of the PLQ de Laval to seek a new mandate.

Elected for ten years, he is the only one of his guard who seeks another mandate. His colleagues of recent years, Francine Charbonneau, Jean Rousselle and Monique Sauvé, are all bowing out. Guy Ouellette, who had been expelled from the Liberal caucus, is also not running. The PLQ therefore had to find five new candidates.

Among these candidates is Virginie Dufour, a former municipal councilor for the City of Laval. Ms. Dufour tried to become a CAQ candidate, before changing her mind and defending the Liberal banner in the county of Mille-Îles.

She had also participated in the CAQ convention last November, when the training celebrated its tenth anniversary. The Liberal Party has really changed under Dominique's leadership. I was not aware of it at that time, in November, but there, I have no doubt that I chose the best electoral platform, she defends herself.

Former city councilor Virginie Dufour chose to run with the PLQ after being interested in the CAQ.

Virginie Dufour told La Presse+ l last fall that the CAQ was the party that did the most in its eyes on the environment. At the time, it was a good record […], but since then, there has been the Horne Smelter, the increases in nickel rates and the stubbornness of the tunnel. That, for me, is a no go! It's absolutely amazing that they continue in this direction!

Even if Québec solidaire (QS) finished in fourth position in the majority of Laval ridings in 2018, MP Saul Polo does not want to underestimate this formation. Laval residents have a variety of choices, whether left or right. QS has been an important player in the political landscape for years. Here in Laval, it's no different from other regions, he explains.

An increasingly cosmopolitan region, Laval remains fertile ground for the PLQ, which opposed the law on state secularism and the reform of the law 101. However, Laval still has many Francophones, who constitute the electoral base of the Coalition avenir Québec. The CAQ is also trying to seduce families in the suburbs of Montreal with various tax measures.

The battle for Laval is not won in advance. Let's bet that the CAQ and Liberal caravans will criss-cross Boulevard Saint-Martin more than once by October 3.

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