The liberated company: a business model that promotes staff retention

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The liberated company: a business model that promotes employee retention

Dany Gilbert adopted the liberated enterprise business model in April 2018.

Entrepreneurs looking for solutions to the labor shortage are turning to the Beauceron company AD+ to draw inspiration from its business model. unusual business.

The Sainte-Marie kitchen designer became a liberated company almost five years ago. With such a model, there is no hierarchy, no directors, no managers, but rather coordinators.

It is a corporate culture where communication between all employees is at the heart of the company's operation. We look to employees to find solutions to better serve customers. Every employee is responsible for the success of the company.

When co-founder Dany Gilbert announced to her team in April 2018 that she was embracing the business model of a liberated company, she pictured it by placing a backpack full of rocks on the table in front of her.

I said to my team: "I trust you. I'm tired of carrying this bag alone as a manager. I know you have answers, you have irritants, you have pebbles. The hierarchy is abolished. We will be closer to you, we will discuss and we will find solutions together".

In less than a month, she says the production rate at the plant has increased by 20% and the employee turnover rate has dropped below the Quebec average of 13% (this which includes maternity leave) compared to 20% before.

Five years later, she says she cannot go back. And his team of around 125 employees sees this shift in a positive light.

Keven Dubreuil proposed to his employer to change the way of packing the boxes for delivery after observing how other companies are doing.

On a Thursday afternoon, Keven Dubreuil, a delivery man at AD+, finds himself in the woodworking industry instead of driving a truck. He took on the role of project manager during the launch of a new packaging method for the boxes coming off the production line.

He offered to protect them with stiff cartons on the corners instead of wrapping three fronts with corrugated cardboard. He is used to handling dozens, even hundreds, of boxes in a day, especially when delivering to condo towers under construction.

It comes back safer and more stable. When you grab itin your hands, there's no slipping cardboard, he smiles, thrilled to see his idea come to fruition.

The coordinator of his team, Claude Jobin, explains that if this new method is adopted, it will represent a saving of approximately $60,000 per year, in addition to reducing the cardboard that ends up in construction containers.

As a coordinator, he affirms that his role is above all to support his teams.

“What I do is I provide tools, whether in production management, or continuous improvement so that it becomes THEIR project. »

— Claude Jobin, production coordinator, AD+

This new way of protecting the caissons represents savings in cardboard and money for the company.

Last March, Mélanie Roy, owner and president of Atelier de Soudure Gilles Roy, traveled from Amqui to Sainte-Marie to talk with Dany Gilbert and AD+ employees. She was one of the ten companies that visited the Beauceron factory to learn more about the business model released, and learn from it.

Like many, the purpose of the meeting was above all to find out what impact this model has on human resources, particularly staff retention.

Ms. Roy, who can only draw from a small pool of potential employees in the Amqui region is struggling to recruit. She says she learned during her visit.

“We are able to keep our staff when we "tie them up" with the heart rather than with the head. And I think that's what AD+ can do. »

— Mélanie Roy, President and Owner, Atelier de Soudure Gilles Roy

Following her visit, she wishes to adopt a similar business model in the medium term, and has already put in place certain ways of doing things that allowed him to recruit staff.

For Keven Dubreuil, the AD+ delivery man who oversees the packaging project, the The experience of being listened to when he has an idea, and being given responsibility for implementing it, strengthens his bond of trust with his employer.

When you bring about a change in even worse, you [don't have it] refused or nothing, [because] we have checked the pros and cons, it's rewardingWe have everything to grow here, in the background. I feel full appreciated then I hope to continue.

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