The liquor license of Camping Havana Resort in Maricourt is revoked

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Camping Havana Resort Maricourt’s liquor license is revoked

Camping Havana Resort has lost its bar license due to of several breaches.

The Liquor Board Tribunal ruled on Monday and revoked the bar permit for Camping Havana Resort in Maricourt, in addition to ordering the seizure of all bottles of liquor on the premises.

The Court justifies its decision because of several breaches related to noise, acts of violence and heavily intoxicated customers. According to the information contained in the judgment, the police intervened a hundred times from June 2017 to September 2021.

Noise problems, although taken seriously by the plaintiff, have persisted since the beginning of the operation of the campsite, explains the Court in its judgment.

The same is true for non-compliance with the Environmental Quality Act (LQE) or one of its regulations, he adds.

The Court recalled that the campground has accumulated more than $50,000 in fines for offenses related to the EQA.

He concludes by saying that it would be contrary to the public interest and likely to harm the public tranquility to grant the request [for revocation].< /p>

In October 2022, the Régie announced that it wanted to withdraw this permit. The prosecutor, Me Charles Tanguay, then cited a multitude of reasons, ranging from non-compliance with the Environmental Quality Act to issues of social acceptability and potential links with organized crime.

< p class="e-p">Me Tanguay maintained that the names of the current owners and shareholders of the campsite would be used as nominees for the real beneficiary, Dominic Perrier. Even if the name of the latter does not appear in the Registraire des entreprises, but rather that of his daughters, it would be him who would make the decisions.

The Tribunal reaches the same conclusion. Mr. Dominic Perrier is the only real, if not the most important manager of the company. The testimonies of Ms. Ariane and Laurence Perrier, formally shareholders and employees, did not convince [the Court] that they and Ms. Diane St-Marseille were the true decision-makers of the plaintiff company.

The Court also maintains that the evidence presented [by the leaders of the campsite] is not sufficient for the Court to ignore the allegations linking Dominic Perrier to a person connected to organized crime.

Me Tanguay had also pointed out that it was rare to see such a large number of breaches in a single file.

With the information by Thomas Deshaies

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