The little bear cub did not like the surveillance camera and decided to destroy it


July 16, 2022, 10:33 | Animals

The researcher was puzzled by the kid's insolence.

The little bear didn't like the surveillance camera and he decided to destroy it

Social media users were touched by a bear that broke a video camera left in the forest, Ukr.Media informs.

A hidden camera in the forest of Minnesota was installed by the curators of the Voyageurs Wolf project to remotely observe the life of wild animals. The device was noticed by a bear who went for a walk with a bear during the day. The animal was interested in the technique, and he decided to fight with it.

While the bear was going about its business, the bear tried to topple the camera, which he managed to do on the second attempt. Even the head of the project, Thomas Gable, who saw a lot of wild animals, was surprised by the animal's audacity.

"When I watched the footage, I started laughing,' the man commented.


After the video with the bears was published on social networks, viewers admitted – nothing cuter they not seen.

"It (the bear) looks harmless. Poor kid, no one plays with him,' people commented.


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