The Lord of the Rings: Amazon is preparing the ultimate gift for fans according to this rumor

Earlier in the month, we already told you revealed that the upcoming Amazon series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power had revealed; a new portion of its cast and characters, slated for release on Amazon Prime Video in the fall of this year. But a recent rumor suggests that alongside its release on the streaming platform, Amazon could also provide a nice surprise for fans.

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The next series The Rings of Powerby Amazon is for many as one of the flagship series of the year 2022, giving the opportunity to fans to immerse themselves in new to the imagined fantasy world! by J.R.R. Tolkien. And while its release is normally slated to be exclusively on Amazon Prime Video at; from September 2, a recent rumor suggests that the first episodes could also hit the big screen.

According to, Amazon Studios is in negotiations with exhibitors around the world to allow theatrical release of the first two episodes of the series The Rings of Power, episodes that have been released. Directed by J.A. Bayona. Rumor has it that following a the acquisition of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) by Amazon, the latter would now be legally able to grant a theatrical release to; his series. That's why Amazon is said to be in talks with cinemas around the world. Justin Sewell of then said:

We have heard that it will not be an exceptional event […]. We are talking about a standard theatrical release here, and it is possible because Amazon has bought MGM and now has some distribution rights.

The Lord of the Rings: Amazon is preparing the ultimate gift for fans of after this rumor

We can then hope that an agreement will be concluded in the coming weeks and that an announcement will be made during the summer. This could notably be one of the big announcements at the upcoming San Diego Comic Con, which will take place July 22-24, 2022, and where; we know that the series The Rings of Power will be represented.

And this is not the only information that stands out strong>, since Sewell, who reportedly saw some footage from the Amazon series, also described The Rings of Power as being very cinematic, much more so than other fantasy series of recent years like The Witcher or The Wheel of Time.

He also stated; that all the images we have seen so far present, let it be at through Empire Magazine or Vanity Fair, would come only from the first 45 minutes of the series. Also, it seems that the first image we could see of the series,the one where you can see the Trees of Valinor in the background and having been released last year, is said to come from one of the opening sequences of the Lord of the Rings series, set during the first fifteen years. res minutes.

The Lord of the Rings: Amazon is preparing the ultimate gift for fans based on this rumour

Given the immense investments made by Amazon in this series ;rie, and with the release of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power inexorably approaching, we can expect a lot of fun. that Amazon is setting up an extensive marketing campaign to promote its original series.

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