The Lord of the Rings: how Peter Jackson was left out of the Amazon series


For the moment, the Lord of the Rings saga is absolutely inseparable from its famous director. This should change with the Amazon series. We explain why.

When the new Amazon Prime Video series was announced, one of the things that most worried fans of the saga inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's books was the absence of the legendary Peter Jackson in the credits. The New Zealand director, made famous for having directed the original trilogy, was not even consulted by the Amazon teams: without hard feelings, he explains.

The director confided a few days ago, in the columns of the Hollywood Reporter:

“They asked if Fran Walsh, the writer and producer, and I wanted to be part of the adventure. To which I replied, 'impossible to answer that question without having seen a script.' said they would send it to us as soon as the first elements were completed… But we never got it. That's the last thing we heard about it, but that's okay, I'm not complaining at all.”

He continues his answer and plays it very fair: “I'm not the kind of guy who will wish bad luck on people “Making movies is complicated enough as it is. If someone makes a good movie or TV show, that's something we need to celebrate. I can't wait to see her as a perfectly neutral viewer.” “ A normal spectator perhaps… But a neutral spectator? Many fans of Lord of the Rings will certainly not be “neutral” when watching the Amazon series.

As a reminder, The Lord of the Rings rings: The Rings of Powerwas formalized as early as 2017, when Amazon bought the rights to the franchise from Warner. Many rumors circulated, many fears too. What we know today is that this series is probably one of the most expensive in history (with a budget of 200 million per season), despite the absence of superstars in the cast.

< p>A grandiose trailer was unveiled a few weeks ago at Comic-Con in San Diego.

Following the interview with Peter Jackson, Amazon released a press release, also in the columns of The Hollywood Reporter:

“When we acquired the rights for the series, we had the obligation to to keep the series very separate from the films. We have the utmost respect for Peter Jackson and the Lord of the Rings films and are excited that he looks forward to seeing The Rings of Power.”< /p>

In Hollywood, it's never all about the big bucks… This remark simply confirms one thing: despite the rumors, it was never really a question of Peter Jackson directing a part of series. As expected, the series and the films will therefore be well disconnected. The series will be available on Amazon Prime Video from September 2, 2022.


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