The Lord of the Rings: showrunners respond to criticism of Galadriel

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Faced with various criticisms aimed at the character of Galadriel, the showrunners of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power have responded.

Among the many criticisms leveled at the Amazon Prime Video series, The Rings of Power, many targeted the central character of the elf Galadriel. Incarnated by Morfydd Clark, this mythical figure from the works of Tolkien adapted for the small screen is hardly unanimous. Unfortunately, between constructive reproaches and attacks – shall we say – a little more inappropriate, it becomes unpleasant to sort out. On our side, we ourselves wondered about the problem of the character of Galadrielwhile not failing to counter-argue in the face of certain comments from spectators beside the plate.

An exercise in which the showrunners of the series, J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay also tried their hand at answering questions from The Hollywood Reporter.

The two men have thus responded to various criticisms (among those that come up most often) concerning the Rings of Power. Among these are some complaints about Galadriel being too masculine (compared to the books) and others about the impossibility that she went to Númenor. Here is Payne's response:

“I would have loved to see where Tolkien once claimed that Galadriel never went to Númenor – nowhere. Then one of her nicknames is Nerwen which means 'Young Girl-Man.' And finally, she doesn't act in a masculine way!”

McKay then outbid:

“By the way, the name Galadriel can be translated in Elvish as the maiden with a crown of golden hair. be able to fight or train (so as not to have them in the face). So even in etymology, Galadriel is a warrior.”

Documented arguments whose relevance we can indeed recognize and which even shed interesting light on their interpretation of Galadriel. Too bad, some will say, that we do not find the same relevance in the series. Obviously, the two showrunners' response at no point excuses the character's actual writing weaknesses, aside from any alleged inconsistencies with the books or incorrect exegesis of Tolkien's works. However, we will appreciate the attempt.

The Rings of Power still has one last episode to try convince viewers and it will be broadcast this October 14th. We will all be able to make a first assessment of what this first season of the most expensive series in history will have been worth. But for now, it's not winning.

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