The Lord of the Rings: the Amazon series will dare to do what Peter Jackson never did

Scheduled for September 2, 2022, the series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power continues to reveal information that may offend fans of Peter Jackson films. We tell you everything!

Lord of the Rings: The Amazon Series Will Dare to Do What Peter Jackson Never Did

Orcas like you've never seen them before

Summer 2022 will be at mark a milestone for all fans of Fantasy. As the manga Berserk is about to be released resume publication one after the death of the great Kentaro Miura (a first visual was published recently), fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of House of the Dragon, spin-off of the HBO series Game of Thrones, and The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, streaming on Amazon. 

Several months after the release of the first teaser, Prime Video seems to be taking its time before the broadcast of a real trailer. But in recent weeks, we have had the right to a rain of exclusive images, the latest of which, published yesterday, lifted the veil on the appearance of the Orcs in the series produced by Juan Antonio Bayona. 

Lord of the Rings: The Amazon Series Will Dare to Do What Peter Jackson Never Did

Moreover, the series The Rings of Power will innovate, by daring to do what the New Zealand director Peter Jackson has never done in any of his two trilogies, The Lord of the Ringsand The Hobbit. Indeed, ` the occasion of an interview granted to the American media IGN, executive producer Lindsey Weber and chief prosthetist Jamie Wilson spoke about the presence of female Orcs. Weber has indeed pointed out : 

There are some female Orcs that I really like. 

Lord of the Rings: The Amazon Series Will Dare to Do What Peter Jackson Never Did

Information that will greatly surprise fans, considering that the films of Peter Jackson have never shown of female orcas. Moreover, they are not explicitly mentioned in the books of J.R.R. Tolkien. At most we learn in The Silmarillion that the Orcs “bred as the Children of Illuvatar” (Elves and Men), which would mean they would have sex. Gollum is also known to have eaten an Orc child, further evidence of their evolution. &Note also that Tolkien had indeed noted the existence of female Orcs in a letter dating from October 1963, in response to questions from a certain Miss Munby

If this confidence shows all the knowledge that the showrunners have of Tolkien's work, it remains to be seen how Orc women will be represented. Will they be fundamentally different from males?Also, revealing too much about their organization and way of life could well be a weakness, given that the laconic aspect of our knowledge of Orcs contributes to the terror they arouse. 

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