The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power – Amazon Reveals New Trailer at Comic-Con


Three years after its last summer edition, San Diego Comic-Con is back with its share of surprises. First, a trailer for the Amazon series derived from The Lord of the Rings saga.

The last time the elite of the industry gathered in San Diego for Comic-Con was in 2019, just before the Covid-19 epidemic. The organizers were keen to make a special edition last fall, but it did not have the same success as the previous editions. This summer 2022, back to normal, with a maximum convention and many announcements.

This weekend's premiere (which promises to be full of surprises), a new trailer for the < strong>Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power,the Amazon Prime Video series derived from the universe created by J.R.R. Tolkien. (Trailer comes just days after another stunning video aired).

In San Diego, the trailer was unveiled during a panel with the series' cast, moderated by American talk show host Stephen Colbert. He then recalled that the “Second Age, [the era in which the series takes place] remains a mystery”, including for the biggest fans of the Tolkenian universe. When asking the two showrunners to elaborate on the show's storyline for the public, J.D. Payne remained very cryptic with a…purely Hollywood explanation: “it shows how far someone can go to protect the things that matter most to you in the world. It's a deeply painful story, but from which we have a lot to learn”. He then made a more political remark, which particularly resonates with the American political context: “the fall of the kingdom brings a tribal division of these factions…groups which are increasingly estranged and opposed more. It's timely…not just for our culture, but all cultures around the world today.”

Story-wise, this three-minute video delivers several things: it shows Middle-earth at peace, after a last great war against Evil. It should feature several characters confronted with the re-emergence of evil forces, including the famous Sauron.

Along with the trailer, viewers who attended the Comic-Con panel were able to enjoy five exclusive clips from the series, as reported by Variety. The first shows a friendly duel between the elf Elrond and Prince Durin IV (Robert Aramayo and Owain Arthur), who oppose each other by smashing stones. The second shows the discovery of a character, “The Stranger” (played by Daniel Weyman) whose exact identity will be clarified as the series progresses, and the third shows the abduction of an elf by a gang of 'Orcs.

Another clip shows the reunion between Elrond and the elf Galadriel (played by Morfydd Clark, a central character in the new trailer). Finally, the last exclusive scene, described as “epic” shows the sublime scenery of the kingdom of Numenor.

For none of these images have leaked out yet. The Amazon Prime Video series was made official in 2017, when the blue arrow platform bought the worldwide TV rights to Lord of the Rings to make it a saga. Variety recalls that these first eight episodes (expected for September 2, 2022) cost an additional $456 million, which probably makes the series one of the most expensive in history. Several other seasons have already been announced… provided that success is there!


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