The luxury hotel Sofia Rotaru in Crimea suddenly closed

Роскошный отель Софии Ротару в Крыму неожиданно закрыли

The hotel “Villa Sofia”, which belongs to the Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru, recently caught in a scandal in Russia, suddenly closed. Who wanted to spend new year holidays in the Crimea in this hotel, you will not be able to do so.

The official reason stated on the website, the hotel needed renovation. But rossm, citing sources, noted that the hotel was recently renovated.

Роскошный отель Софии Ротару в Крыму неожиданно закрыли

Rumor has it that closed the hotel because of the scandal, which hit the singer. Hotel and so did not bring the income. The rooms were too expensive there, the singer had not appeared, so her fans were in no hurry to arrive.

The hotel is managed by sister-in-law Rotaru Svetlana Evdokimenko. She often shares photos of the hotel and the view from the window. Grandchildren singer and she was in the Crimea do not go.

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Publication from Svetlana (@svetika) October 16, 2019 at 8:30 PDT

Recall that in Russia began a real persecution of Sofia Rotaru. Her son believes that this is due to the envy of the popularity of his mother.

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