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The MacBook Air M1 almost 2x cheaper than the M3, a crazy offer for the sales

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The summer sales are an opportunity to discover discounts for almost a month. From June 26 to July 23, you can take advantage of them in France. On this occasion, here are some . Note that the device was worth 1,129 euros when it was released. You can therefore save 330 euros, or 29% of the original price. The offer could disappear in a few hours.

You must use the promo code 15D129 to take advantage of the discount. The MacBook Air M1 is a very complete laptop. This device is suitable for both the office and home. Moreover, since the system is powered by an Apple silicon chip, Apple Intelligence is on board.

This is a suite of features powered by artificial intelligence, allowing you to save time. For now, the options are available in beta with macOS Sequoia. But the MacBook Air M1 will be able to install the final version next September. Please note, moreover, that it is a relatively fast and versatile laptop. And with an iconic design.

High-level benefits for the MacBook Air M1

The MacBook Air M1 at only 799 euros is provided here with two hundred and fifty-six gigabytes of internal storage. That's enough to install dozens of apps and download thousands of photos. Otherwise, five gigabytes are offered to you on iCloud, with this purchase. iCloud is the online storage service from Apple, the manufacturer.

The latter also offers you the opportunity to test Apple TV+ free of charge by obtaining the MacBook Air M1. Moreover, the developer also offers you access to its Freeform and Home apps, unavailable on other operating systems. With the Apple MacBook Air M1, you also benefit from a thirteen-inch Retina screen.

This one offers vibrant colors and is still compact enough that the laptop can be taken anywhere with you. This is an asset for digital nomads. Of course, as its name suggests, the MacBook Air is also powered here by the M1 chip. More precisely, in its version accompanied by 8 GB of RAM. The higher the RAM volume, the more energy-intensive tasks you can run at the same time.

The MacBook Air M1 is also powered by SSD storage. This is a faster technology than the traditional hard disk drive (HDD). To run fairly demanding programs like Photoshop, the SSD system is more popular with professionals. Coming back to the processor, note that it includes a 7-core GPU.

The GPU, also called a graphics card when separated from the rest of the motherboard, allows images to be broadcast on the screen. The more powerful it is, the more responsive your computer will be on video. The RAM is also soldered to the motherboard, like the GPU and the CPU. It is therefore important to choose your configuration carefully when purchasing the MacBook Air M1.

USB-C ports are well placed on the edge of the device, but mainly for charging or accessories. Finally, let's also bring up the case of the operating system again. Please note that macOS is especially optimized for iPhone users. So, if you already have one, you can, for example, control your smartphone directly from the MacBook Air interface.

How to take advantage of this deal on the MacBook Air M1?

You must go to the Cdiscount website via one of the links in this article to take advantage of the offer. Please note that you therefore benefit from all the rules that apply to French sellers. In particular the mandatory two-year manufacturer's warranty, which protects you against possible breakdowns and manufacturing defects.

In addition, to comply with the expectations of the European Union, please note that Apple also offers spare parts for repairs. If your Mac breaks, you have to think about it. It is currently difficult to know how long this deal will still be available. But the price of 799 euros is very low for the MacBook Air M1, and it is the first day of the summer sales. In other words, in a few hours, stocks could run out.

What's more, the MacBook Air M1 is renowned for being one of Apple's best-selling laptops. The success of this machine is therefore considerable, and users could jump on this good deal as soon as it becomes available. This begins today at 8 a.m. With the MacBook Air M1, you get up to 20 hours of battery life, according to the manufacturer. Of course, these numbers may vary depending on your habits. But just remember that you may not need to recharge your device during the day, on a single charge.

Apple support is available to you at any time if you choose the MacBook Air, including through the Apple Support app. You can also go to the Apple Store whenever you want to get advice. Practical, especially if you don't know macOS. The MacBook Air offered here is delivered within a few days in mainland France. Don't wait too long, stock is already selling out at full speed.

To see the good deal on the MacBook Air M1, it's here:

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