The main reasons for the decrease in human height after 30 years


February 13, 2021, 18:49 | Medicine

Why do people get shorter with age.

The main reasons for the decrease in human height after 30 years

Every person gets shorter with age. What is the reason for such a feature of our body, and is it possible to prevent a decrease in height?

Scientists have determined that 30 years is most often the border after which people begin to decrease in height. Over the next forty years, male growth may decrease by 2.5 centimeters, and female growth may decrease by almost 5 centimeters. After 80 years, this process becomes even more active, and people can lose another 2.5 centimeters of their height, informs Ukr.Media.

Such changes are the result of far more than one reason. Growth begins to decrease due to the fact that the cartilage tissue of the spine wears out with age, muscle mass decreases, and the hormonal background changes.

The process of muscle mass reduction and fat accumulation is called sarcopenia by doctors. This condition is accompanied by the deterioration of a person's physical form, rapid fatigue and a decrease in growth.

Among other things, natural hormonal changes occur at a certain age. In men, the level of testosterone production decreases, and in women – estrogen. In the fair sex, these changes begin during menopause. Estrogen helps calcium remain in the tissues, but when the level of the hormone decreases, a deficiency of this mineral is recorded, which shortens the bones and makes them more fragile.

An important factor in reducing human growth in adulthood is the reduction in the production of growth hormone. An insufficient amount of it in the body blocks the action of insulin, slows down the process of stretching bones, leads to a failure of energy metabolism in the body.

If in old age a person began to rapidly decrease in growth, it is about 5 centimeters in 12 months, you need to contact to the doctor. The reason may be dangerous changes in the rate of metabolism. Such people face a high risk of spine and hip fractures, and men develop diseases of the heart and blood vessels more often.

Aging is a natural process. However, it can be slowed down if you regularly do sports, monitor your posture and weight. Such measures will help stop the rapid development of sarcopenia.


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