The Man from Toronto: what is the new Netflix film with Kevin Hart worth? [VERDICT]

The Man from Toronto: what is the new Netflix movie with Kevin Hart worth? [VERDICT]< /p>

The Man from Toronto is the new Netflix movie. In the casting, we find Kevin Hart. Our verdict on this novelty can be found right here!

Friday, June 24 on Netflix, there are two big new releases: the series Alone against the bee with Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean. And then, the movie The Man From Toronto with Kevin Hart has also been released. But what is he talking about? This is Teddy, a not very gifted entrepreneur trying to launch his latest novelty: contactless boxing. Besides that, he forgets a little too much about the woman who shares his life. So for his birthday, he decided to rent a chalet and impress her. But an empty ink cartridge will turn everything upside down… He goes to the wrong cabin and is mistaken for the man from Toronto, a hitman!

To save his own skin, Teddyis forced to play the game. And when he faces the real man from Toronto, they both find themselves teaming up. But is not an assassin who wants! Teddy must therefore play the game while pretending to be the man from Toronto. And then, as his superior has never seen him in person, it makes things easier. Except that things will get complicated for the duo… Teddy’s wife, the police, the secret organization of killers around the world: they will have to manage to make it out alive!

Clearly not the best Netflix movie

< p>The Man from Toronto is clearly not the film of the year, we prefer to tell you. The story could have held its own, but it drags on… It must be said that the film lasts 1h 52. But if you like fights, the slightly crazy scenes: don’t hesitate! Kevin Hart is, most certainly, the one who saves the film and that, from afar! We find his humor and his legendary awkwardness. And for once, we really enjoyed it. We're not going to lie to each other: fortunately Kevin Hart was in the cast of The Man from Toronto. Another (small) positive point: Kaley Cuoco, alias Penny in The Big Bang Theory, is in the cast… But we see it only too little!

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