The man wanted to visit the graves of his relatives. However, they are gone. The priest's words on this matter are outrageous

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Another scandal with the priest in the lead role.

 The man wanted to visit the graves of his relatives. However, they disappeared. The priest's words on this matter are outrageous

There is a story in the media in which gloomy realities collide the powerlessness of the judiciary in the face of injustice by priests.

If it were ordinary property stolen from someone from the property, the police would have a duty to deal with the matter and punish the perpetrator. Worse, when the case concerns a priest who, without the knowledge of the deceased's relatives, decides to liquidate the monument that has been standing for years, take it to an undefined place, and sell the quarters with the remains of the deceased person to someone else.

The priest will not bear it. punishments, and loved ones of the deceased now have a problem

This is what happened, and the story was told by a loved one of the deceased men who had been taken away from the monument. Mr. Janusz, being near the cemetery, decided as usual to visit his relatives buried in the cemetery, but when entering the cemetery, he was shocked to see only the empty space left by the tombstone standing earlier.

The priest's translations cry out for vengeance. Heaven, and the saddest thing is that the police spread their hands, claiming that the priest had done nothing that would be illegal. – Well, a digger here, the gravedigger, saw that it was unmarked. Well, it was ordered and it happened. (…) I said clearly: the remains are there, nobody touched it. A word: a grave sin is yours that you demand something that you have neglected – explained the priest in front of the cameras. . According to the priest's proposal, the extension of the grave's validity by twenty years would have been justified if the relatives of the deceased had renovated the monument, which, in the opinion of Mr. Janusz, could cost even 10,000 zlotys.

The police called to the site said that the priest he did not commit anything illegal, calling this outrageous and stalemate a mere mistake.

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