The Mandalorian season 3: Din Djarin and Grogu fly to Mandalore in the new trailer

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New The Mandalorian Season 3 trailer teases Grogu's new powers on Disney+.

Needless to remind that with the most recent Andor, The Mandalorian is quite possibly the best that has happened to the franchise Star Wars for a long time. Driven for the launch of the big-eared platform in North America in November 2019, the series has also established itself as a promising prelude to its live-action counterparts.

Admittedly, the following versions relating to the Star Wars universe have not all been so convincing. The very disappointingBoba Fett's book or the more than lukewarm Obi Wan in particular had very difficult to fulfill their specifications. What justify the redoubled anticipation of Lucasfilm aficionados for the third season of the adventures of Din Djarin, interpreted by Pedro Pascal and Grogu. And after unveiling an intriguing synopsis last December, Disney+ has just delivered a new trailer full of great promises.

As a reminder, this new season takes place after Din and Grogu were reunited in The Book of Boba Fett. The friendly duo now aim to travel to Mandalore, in order to absolve the mercenary's past transgressions. . Of course, the journey promises to be strewn with pitfalls as the Mandalorian and his animated plush are brought tocross paths with old allies, but also new enemies.

Some already seem to predictthe possible occurrence of Anakin Skywalker in the plot through a slight backpedal narrative – although frankly nothing has been announced in this sense, and these new images do not seem more willing to show it. The real tour de force (no pun intended) of this trailer therefore rests rather on an unequivocal demonstration of Grogu's newfound abilities to wield his powers after his brief stint at Luke Skywalker Academy.

Guess who's back

All in all, this next burst of episodes remains somewhat nebulous. Indeed, in addition to a few spatial action sequences and promises of an almost spiritual journey for Din Djarin, the trailer omits certain characters (Moff Gideon, to name but one) and seems more inclined to open various doors than to figure out its destination clearly.

Will the viewer finally learn more about the origins of Grogu, and his survival at Order 66? The brief flashback sequence seems to point in that direction, though nothing is set in stone. It will therefore be a question of waiting until the release of this new season from March 1, 2023 on Disney+. Until then, the previous 16 episodes are also available on the platform's catalog.

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