The Marseillais: Océane El Himer ready to do anything to be on the screen, this video makes people react

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The Marseillais: Océane El Himer ready to everything to be on the screen, this video makes people react

A video of Océane El Himer in Les Marseillais has just resurfaced on the web. And she reacts. We invite you to discover it here.

It has been several years since Océane El Himer is an emblematic candidate for reality TV. It’s in The Princes and Princesses of Love that she started on TV. At the time, she participated with her twin sister, Marine El Himer. They had both come to be Benjamin Samat's suitors. Finally, it’s Mélanie Dédigama that he got closer. But after the adventure, he still got into a relationship with Marine El Himer. The rest you know: Benji filtered with Océane in Les Marseillais, then got back into a relationship with Marine in cross country.

Through her stories and her outspokenness, the pretty brunette then stood out in the world of reality TV. And lately on social networks, a video of the young woman in The Marseillais in Mexico has resurfaced. In this video, we see Océane El Himer change places when she sees that the cameras are rolling. While she was back to the camera, she placed herself in front of Charlotte to be in front. Result: Charlotte was eclipsed from the sequence!

Internet users react to this video of Océane

And Internet users quickly reacted to this video. Among the comments that were posted on social networks, we could read: “Océane, she loves cameras too much lol. Océane she sees the camera, she takes Charlotte's place without pressure (…) Lol, she's too strong! (…) No, but Océane is too crazy. She saw the camera, she moved Charlotte live! (…) But mdr, she is without embarrassment! Mdr, I had never made a mistake. I’ll open my eyes mdr. Will the Marseillais candidate react? It’s a new case to follow…

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