The master class of figure skater Alexandra Trusova in Stockholm was canceled at the request of the Swedish federation: “This is contrary to values”


    The master class of figure skater Alexandra Trusova in Stockholm was canceled at the request of the Swedish federation:

    Alexandra Trusova

    The Swedish Figure Skating Federation demanded to cancel the master class of the Russian figure skater and silver medalist of the XXIV Winter Olympic Games in Beijing Alexandra Trusova. It was supposed to take place in Stockholm in August.

    “Match TV” quotes the text of the letter sent to the clubs by the federation. It says that the event “immediately” should be canceled for the following reason:

    This is contrary to the values ​​of the association and can cause serious damage to Swedish figure skating.

    Earlier, the Stockholm Figure Skating Federation demanded the same.

    The news has already been commented on by some celebrities related to the world of sports. So, Yana Rudkovskaya, who is a co-owner of the Angela Plushenko figure skating academy, says:

    When such things happen in relation to an 18-year-old athlete, I want to ask: “Comrades, what are you doing?” Sport is out of politics! What does the 18-year-old figure skating star have to do with it? What did she do to cancel her master classes? And what did the children in Stockholm, who were waiting for the arrival of Sasha Trusova, do? What did they do wrong to you? Why did you make this story?

    As Rudkovskaya added, according to her information, many young athletes were waiting for Trusova's master class, some were even going to come from other countries, including Italy and Japan.< /p>

    As a result, they again mixed sports with politics, punished their children. Sad and embarrassing. This is a very strange and unfortunate situation. And Sasha — a strong girl, she will have a lot of master classes and shows all over the world. She is only at the beginning of her journey. We all love her very much and believe in her. You don't have to worry about Sasha. Our viewers and their children — happy people, they can not only cheer for Sasha, but also see a unique athlete at our shows and future Russian Grand Prix!

    — said Yana in a comment for

    The master class of figure skater Alexandra Trusova in Stockholm was canceled at the request of the Swedish federation:

    Alexandra Trusova

    Skater Alexei Yagudin wrote a post on Instagram* dedicated to the news:

    To be honest, I'm not surprised. The reason lies on the surface. I have always said and will continue to say that this is no longer a sport, but a political battlefield. But Sasha Trusova will not go anywhere: she is the property of our figure skating and world skating, including — everyone understands this. But the fact that the Swedish figure skaters, who are currently at an incomprehensible level, have lost the opportunity to touch the figure skating star in their verbal and training plans, is not understood in the Swedish federation. Or they understand and simply succumbed to outside pressure.

    Alexei also reminded the Swedish Figure Skating Federation that “figure skating in their country is in a deplorable state.”

    Famous coach Tatyana Tarasova believes that the International Skating Union (ISU) is behind the decision to cancel the event:


    In my opinion, this decision was made by the ISU, not the Swedish federation. I think they put pressure on the Swedes. The Swedes received a call from the international federation, saying that there should be no Russian athletes, that they would not participate in any competitions, and therefore, probably, it was impossible to teach. Rave! Initially, when it became known about Trusova's master class, I expected something from them,

    — said Tarasova, calling the decision “the delirium of a madman.”

    Does discrimination against Russians continue in the world? Discrimination does not continue, it has just begun. Nothing good lies ahead of us,

    — added trainer.

    World champion in figure skating Maria Butyrskaya, commenting on the cancellation of the master class to the Sport-Express website, shared her own experience:

    Nothing surprises me now. My daughter plays tennis. We had history. When we arrived in Finland, we were simply not allowed to live in a hotel with foreign athletes. They said: “The Finnish Olympic Committee does not allow us to have Russians living in this hotel.” This is a junior competition. So what is there to talk about? And you are talking about a master class.

    Alexandra Trusova herself has not yet commented on the news.

    Against the background of sanctions imposed against Russia due to a military special operation in Ukraine, Russian athletes also suspended from many competitions. For example, Russian tennis players this year could not take part in Wimbledon. True, the winner in the women's singles there eventually became an athlete of Russian origin — Elena Rybakina representing Kazakhstan.

    *Instagram is owned by Meta, a recognized extremist organization in the Russian Federation


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