The Maya used human remains to create balls: why did they do it


    The Maya used human remains to create balls: why did they do it

    The Mayan civilization had a rather unusual idea of ​​the existence of a deceased person in the afterlife.

    Mexican archaeologists who continue to study the constructions of the Mayan civilization in the ancient city of Tonina discovered a crypt with cremated human remains. The ashes were used to create balls for ritual games, writes Heritage Daily.

    Tonina is a Mayan city, also called Popo by the Maya themselves, was the capital of the ancient Mayan kingdom of the same name. It is located on the territory of the modern Mexican state of Chiapas.

    Archaeologists know that the city of Tonina already existed in 217 AD. The last mention that the Maya still lived here dates back to 909 AD.

    A feature of this city is that there is a group of temples-pyramids, which are located on hills about 70 meters high. The city also has two ball courts and over 100 carved monuments that date back to between the sixth and ninth centuries AD.

    Archaeologists from the National Institute of Anthropology and History of Mexico during the study of one of the pyramids of the crypt, which contained the cremated remains of people. Initially, scientists discovered a whole labyrinth of rooms that lead to the crypt itself at a depth of 8 meters inside the pyramid. Scholars believe that this tomb was created between the 7th and 8th century AD.

    The Maya used human remains to create balls: why did they do it

    In the crypt itself, small niches were found, in which more than 400 vessels with ashes after human cremation, charcoal and rubber were stored. An analysis of organic material showed that the remains, after burning people, were used by the Mayans in the process of vulcanizing rubber, and then balls were created from this material.

    Scientists believe that these Mayan balls were used during ritual games. According to the martyrs, the tradition of ritual ball games arose among the Maya thousands of years ago. The Mayans believed that in a similar way the rebirth of a dead person in the afterlife could occur. The Maya also showed respect for their gods with the help of such games.

    “The Mayan religion was very complex and very unusual, but at the same time very interesting for modern science. And the new discovery provides more information about the Mayan worldview,” says Juan Yadeun Angulo of the National Institute of Anthropology and History .

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