The media are alarming about the drought in Poland. Where is the worst


As reported in the media, all of Poland is threatened with drought, which makes life much more difficult for anyone who wants to take care of their own crops.

Media alarms about drought in Poland. Where is the worst

Experts, loudly quoted by the mainstream media, warn that the levels of rivers and lakes are dropping drastically, as exemplified by the Nyska Kłodzka River, usually about three meters deep, with the level dropping to 153 cm.

Is this a disaster or a seasonal “entertainment replay”?

As many noted long ago, many analysts and clairvoyants warned of impending droughts or the excessive blowing of chilling information about world hunger droughts.

As we know, however, in the past we have often dealt with droughts, floods or fires, and everything happened alternately. Now, professor Paweł Rowiński, who is a representative of the Department of Hydrology and Hydrodynamics, Polish Academy of Sciences, argues that we must prepare for prolonged periods without rainfall.

As it turns out, taking care of gardens is now viewed poorly, in which we have not only flowers, but also vegetable gardens, the care of which mainly consists in proper irrigation.

Unfortunately, more and more often we read in the press about irresponsible handling of limited water, precisely by watering own crops – A big part of it is knowing what to do when there is less and less water. We have to get used to the fact that there is little water. In Poland, water is available approximately 1/3 of what in other EU countries, that is, it depends on our location, which, of course, we have no influence. […] – maintains the professor. According to Paweł Rowiński, apart from the southern part of the country, Poland is more and more threatened by drought.


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