The meeting of Putin and Erdogan ridiculed in the Network

Встречу Путина и Эрдогана высмеяли в Сети

Russian President Vladimir Putin has again become the object of ridicule in the Network.

Soon he will pay a working visit to Turkey. Meeting with the Turkish guarantor Recep Tayyip Erdogan will address the topic opening a stream gas pipeline passes

Kremlin propagandist Dmitry Smirnov on the page in Twitter reported about the progress in the issue of Russian gas pipeline.

“Erdogan: “We will give the start of the gas pipeline “Turkish stream” on 8 January in Istanbul.” The first foreign visit of Putin to 2020 will be in Turkey,” wrote Smirnov.

Встречу Путина и Эрдогана высмеяли в Сети

It is known that now the pipeline is working on the establishment of start-up. There are two strands of trubochka lying on the bottom of the Black sea: at first, the gas is supplied from Russia to Turkey and the second in South-East Europe and the southern countries of the region.

Under the post promoter people began to make fun of the event, leaving caustic comments.

“What about the gas to Siberia first? Kind of mania to drive it to the West”, “Class! Now comrades, Putin will become even richer!”, “But the TANAP is a serious competition , as Russia allowed!”, — wrote the user.

Встречу Путина и Эрдогана высмеяли в Сети

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