The Mercedes-AMG S 65 for the year fell by EUR 121 010

Этот Mercedes-AMG S 65 за год подешевел на 121 010 евро

On the German website Auto Scout 24 came the announcement of the sale of the sedan Mercedes-AMG S 65 2018 release. The car mileage is only 5900 miles, but the year he lost an impressive 121 010 euros.

According to the seller, he bought the Mercedes-AMG S 65 for 281 000 euros. The black car looks like new, and with him there are no technical problems. What is not saved from a severe devaluation, and now the S-Class is 159 990 euros.

Equipment sedan seems to include all the possible model options — carbon-ceramic brakes, Burmester audio system and an electrochromic panoramic roof Magic Sky Control, which changes the degree of light transmission at the touch of a button.

Mercedes-AMG S 65 is equipped with six-liter V12 with two turbines, developing 630 HP (1000 N·m), and a seven-step “automatic”. To 100 km/h rear-wheel drive sedan accelerates in 4.3 seconds and a top speed limited at around 250 km/h.

In the spring, Mercedes-AMG has released a farewell edition of the sedan S 65 called Final Edition. Its circulation amounted to 130 copies. Future models of sports sub-brand of twelve-engine do not show up.

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