The meteorologist reported the deterioration in the weather on Sunday (PHOTOS)

Гидрометцентр сообщил об ухудшении погоды в воскресенье (ФОТО)

In respect of the city and the greater Toronto area published in a special weather forecast in anticipation of a possible combination of rain, followed by sleet and wet snow this weekend.

The hydrometeorological centre of Canada reported that increasing the low pressure front may cause deterioration of the weather conditions expected on Sunday morning.

“There remains some uncertainty in relation to the path of propagation of the low pressure, however, there is a probability that in some areas by Monday morning the layer of snow will be from 5 to 10 cm,” reads the warning meteorologist Canada.

The weather Agency advised that in some areas Sunday morning for several hours to rain with the subsequent glaciation or ice pellets, then a day will begin to snow.

It is expected that light snow will continue overnight and will only end on Monday morning.

Before the arrival of the low pressure front in the city on Saturday it will be partly cloudy with a temperature high of -1C, which, when cold wind is-12C in the morning and -6C during the day. In the future, the temperature will fall to -7C degrees, it will feel like -16C.

Sunday the temperature will range from 0C to -2 C.

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