The Mexican police will receive the Ukrainian elektrobayka to patrol the streets

Полиция Мексики получит украинские электробайки для патрулирования улиц

Elektrobayka Ukrainian can travel without charging 240 kilometers, and will also contribute to the solution of environmental problems in Mexico

Ukrainian startup Delfast officially organized the delivery of several electric bikes TopCop to the police station in Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico. The official presentation for the leadership of the police, including the chief of police and the mayor took place after a positive decision about buying Delfast TopCops for testing, reports

Local police forces used bicycles to patrol in the city centre. First of all, they appreciated the power and range of the model Delfast TopCop, which can easily cover a large area, to overcome the rugged terrain and generally faster. Thus, the work of the police can be more effective compared to any other type of vehicles used by the police.

Полиция Мексики получит украинские электробайки для патрулирования улиц

TopCop can travel 240 kilometres on a single charge without the aid of pedals. The maximum speed of this model is 80 km/h. the Bike also includes all the technical features needed for police, such as GPS tracker, remote start and engine locking. In addition, it can be equipped with special police horns and lights or any other component of the electronic Bicycle is recommended by the police. On request Delfast can add a cargo platform, a trailer, a radio, and a special attachment for the weapon.

In addition, the fact that Delfast offers “green” bikes, is critical for Mexicans, since environmental issues are of paramount importance in the area. The city of Mexicali is one of the most polluted cities in Mexico.

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