The Ministry of Defense of Britain compared the army of Ukraine and the Russian Federation

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The British Ministry of Defense compared the army of Ukraine and the Russian Federation

British Minister Ben Wallace compared the equipment and training of Ukrainian and Russian soldiers.

Ukrainian soldiers are superior in quality to Russian soldiers. This was announced by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace in an interview with the British edition of the Evening Standard, published on Wednesday, October 12.

According to him, every Ukrainian soldier is better than the Russian one. This is especially evident against the backdrop of the scale of losses suffered by professional military from the Russian Federation, as well as Russia's involvement in the war of tens of thousands of poorly trained mobilized.

“If you compare what the Russians are doing … it's outrageous: mobilized troops sent to the front, captured a few days later, bad equipment, rusty magazines, if any training was carried out at all,” the British official explained.

The head of department added that tens of thousands of Ukrainian servicemen are currently undergoing five weeks of training in the UK and other allied countries.

“There is no doubt that the ordinary Ukrainian soldier is better than the ordinary Russian soldier,” Wallace said.

He added that the Ukrainian troops better prepared for winter than many Russians. This applies not only to warm uniforms, but also to night vision devices, high-quality radio stations.

Recall that Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov said that the visits of his colleague Ben Wallace to Ukraine “bring good news to the battlefield.” Thus, he commented on his unannounced visit to Kyiv.

In addition, Ben Wallace said earlier that breaking the Kremlin's promise not to mobilize is an acknowledgment of the collapse of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

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