The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation also began to recruit soldiers in the colonies – media

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Russian Ministry of Defense also started recruiting soldiers in colonies - media

the department followed the example of PMC Wagner and also began to replenish the ranks of the military among the convicts.

The Russian Ministry of Defense began to recruit prisoners of colonies for the war in Ukraine, as the Wagner PMC had done before. This was reported on Tuesday, October 11, by the Russian edition of Important Stories, citing its sources.

and IK-4 of the Stavropol Territory. Both are the so-called “red colonies” where employees of law enforcement agencies are kept,” the publication says.

It is noted that the Russian Ministry of Defense offers prisoners to join the so-called Storm battalion, created on the basis of the Southern Military District. The first recruits could have been taken out of IK-4 on the night of October 11.

It is reported that the terms of the contract are similar to those of PMC Wagner, but the prisoners have more confidence in the military.

The publication suggests that the Ministry of Defense recruits only convicts to Storm, who are held in colonies for former employees.

Previously, a video appeared in which oligarch Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the so-called Wagner PMC, close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, personally recruits Russian prisoners for the war with Ukraine.

Recall that today it was reported that the SBU liquidated two groups of Wagner saboteurs.

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