The more money, the more fears – the less money, the worse life is


July 16, 2022, 19:07 | Business

Money awakens our ancient survival instinct.

The more money, the more fears — the less money, the worse life is

Money often causes us a feeling of strong fear, awakening in us the ancient instinct of survival, informs Ukr.Media.

Availability money is subconsciously associated with the availability of food and a roof over the head.

The lack of money, as well as its chronic lack, is always felt by us as a clear danger, as a serious threat to the life of our family. And although today nothing around us directly threatens us with death – the instinct of self-preservation provokes a sharp burst of adrenaline in our blood, prompting us to run to “kill the mammoth”; and earn money.

Why having money does not reduce the fear of survival

Even when we live in abundance and all the basic needs according to Maslow's pyramid are covered, we still sometimes feel a terrible fear of the future.

The thing is that now we are driven by the desire to preserve what we have we are available for this moment (apartment, work, usual level of comfort, etc.).

From an emotional point of view, we perceive the fact of loss of what we have (status quo) much more acutely than the fact of acquisition something new It turns out that it is much more important for us to save and not lose. Because the process of hunting (that is, acquiring something new) may well end in failure.

Having money means "respect in society" and "high social status"

Money is a kind of social barometer that directly affects our self-esteem.

This is why we like to look at replenishment so much your bank account and growing investments.

And instantly fall into panic (or deep depression) after seeing falling real estate prices, currency growth, stock market collapse, and so on.

The more money we have, the more acute is the fear of losing it. pushes us to make efforts to preserve the existing standard of living and financial well-being.

It is he who causes us an animal fear of losing money (which is perceived as a real threat to life).

We must stop ourselves this biological reaction of your body (subconscious mind) and turn your fear into a rational channel.

What is achieved by the formation of a substantial financial cushion capable of protecting us from any life troubles, sudden dismissal, long-term illness, etc.

Losing money makes you feel like a "loser"

Career growth and material prosperity is considered a universal symbol of success.

Failures (decrease in the level of income, loss of job, unprofitable investments, etc.) plunge us into the dirt with our face. .

This is determined by our physiology, our genes, the entire history of the evolution of the human race.


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