The most expensive gas station in the world will be in orbit

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The Californian company Orbit Fab is going to put a gas station in space. Cost of operation: $20 million.

The most expensive gas station in the world will be in orbit

The start-up Orbit Fab has just announced that it will put a prototype of its gas station into service in orbit around the Earth by 2025. In a statement made to the specialized site, the young shoot unveils its development plan.

The company, founded in 2018, aims to extend the life of satellites, and indirectly, reduce the amount of waste in space. But launching a gas station hundreds of miles above Earth comes at a cost: $20 million to be precise.

A gas station in space?

With this money, the company announces that it is able to launch its future service station into orbit, with 100 kilograms of space fuel, hydrazine, on board. Commonly used around the Earth by satellites, hydrazine is today the number one solution for keeping a piece of metal in orbit around our planet.

For Adam Harris, the vice president of the development of the company, the offer does not yet exist and this announcement is intended to create a new market. Present only in geostationary orbit (36,000 kilometers from Earth), the Orbit Fab charging station could be used by all surrounding satellites.

According to Jeremy Schiel, co-founder of the company, the construction of the fuel depot of the “gas station” is almost over. But the company hopes to be able to set up a small shuttle, capable of joining the satellite wanting to refuel. With this shuttle, the young company is aiming for low orbit, which is the most populated.

Located a few hundred kilometers above the Earth, low orbit is filled with satellites, whether for communication, internet access with the Starlink constellation or even astronaut training with the ISS which is located in this area.

A boon for New Space?

This orbit is very busy and companies launching satellites there want to maximize their presence. Both by equipping yourself with the latest sensors and cameras and by bringing as much fuel as possible. Having a gas station in space is therefore a godsend for them who could leave “lighter”.

As a reminder, going to space is above all a question of money and the The laws of physics dictate that the heavier an object, the more fuel it needs to fly. But these same laws of gravity explain that the more a satellite is loaded with fuel, the heavier it is.

Having a gas station in space could make it possible to leave empty, or almost, and to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on throwing shots.

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