The most famous roles of Ruslana Pysanka, which brought her popularity


    Ruslana Pysanka's most famous roles that brought her popularity

    The late Ukrainian actress Ruslana Pysanka became famous for her talent not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. The star took part in several dozen film projects in the main and secondary roles, filmed not only in the artist's home country, but also abroad.

    Among them are “Moskal the Magician”, “Rzhevsky against Napoleon”, “Immortal”, “Matchmakers-4”, “Prisoner of the Caucasus!” “Three Musketeers”, “Fire and Sword”, “Taxi for an Angel”, “Luna-Odessa”, “Hand for Luck”, etc. We decided to recall 5 famous celebrity roles that have become iconic for her.

    “A few love stories”
    The first serious role of a star in the film “A Few Love Stories” brought her the unofficial fame of the “sex symbol” of Ukraine. A comedy film directed by Andrey Benkendorf in 1994 gave Ukrainian viewers the image of the beautiful Meya performed by Pysanka, who appeared in a spicy scene with Valery Chiglyaev as Gianiallo.

    “Moskal the Magician”
    A year later, the actress was selected for the lead role in the comedy “Moskal the Magician”, where she played Tatiana – the wife of the Cossack Mikhail, in whose house the Muscovite Likhy got into the habit of going. The tape was filmed based on the play of the same name by Ivan Kotlyarevsky.

    For her acting skills, the star was awarded the title of laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine. Dovzhenko.

    With Fire and Sword
    The next role that brought popularity to Ruslana Pysanka was the image of the witch and fortune teller Gorpina in the 1999 historical film Fire and Sword. The film was directed by the Pole Jerzy Hoffman, and the partner of the star – Bogdan Stupka.

    Modern viewers remember the talented actress thanks to her charismatic role as Alevtina Kanatokhodova, an artist of the Nezhin Theater. Although the celebrity played a minor character, her energy was immediately evident.

    The last significant film event for Ruslana Pysanka was the shooting of the serial film “Filin”. There, the star played a medical examiner working in the morgue. The artist herself noted that the image of the health worker Zoya Modestovna seemed close to her due to the excess of jokes in the script and the colorfulness of the character.

    Ruslana Pysanka died on the night of July 19 in Germany.


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