The most “Russian” district of Brighton Beach in New York will be renamed the “Ukrainian Way”


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The new New York City government bill will affect 78 streets and public places as a whole, which will receive new names.

New York authorities on July 14 approved a bill to rename Brighton Beach Avenue and Coney Island Avenue in Brooklyn to “Ukrainian Way”. Serhiy Kislitsa, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the UN, announced this on Twitter.

According to the bill, the Brighton Beach area located in the south of Brooklyn, which is considered the most “Russian” due to the large number of emigrants from the USSR, will now be called Ukrainian Way (Ukrainian way).

In addition, the New York City Council approved the renaming of Woodside Avenue between 76th and 79th streets in Queens as Little Thailand, as the area is known throughout the city for its large number of Thai restaurants.

“Small Business that is located there and the activities that take place there truly reflect the beauty and energy of our Thai community, not only in Jackson Heights and Elmhurst, but throughout Queens and throughout the city,” said the New York City Hall.

In general, the bill will affect 78 streets and public places in New York, which will receive new names after the signing of the bill by Mayor Eric Adams.

What is the Brighton Beach area known for?

After the immigration policy in the Soviet Union became less strict, thousands of Soviet citizens, mostly Jews along with political dissidents, moved to the United States. The South Brooklyn area has become famous since the mid-1970s as a place of compact residence of emigrants from the USSR, mainly from Russia and Ukraine.

The population of Brighton Beach is about 350 thousand people. It is known for the presence of many restaurants, cafes, concert halls belonging to the Russian community. Cultural and educational centers are also located here – Russian-language radio stations, television studios, newspaper editorial offices, schools and other infrastructure.

It is noteworthy that more than a third of the inhabitants of this area do not speak English well, and some do not know the language at all.

The Kyiv authorities proposed to rename almost 300 objects of the capital, the names of which are associated with Russia and its leaders. The KSCA reported that more than 6.5 million Ukrainians voted for the de-Russification of streets, avenues and other places in Kyiv.


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