The most unpleasant consequences that you can face because of an office affair


May 25, 2022, 19:00 | Business

Think twice.

The most unpleasant consequences you can face because of an office affair

Many people condemn office romances and not in vain – a connection with a colleague can either develop into a strong relationship or spoil your career, reputation and nerves. Before plunging headlong into a love vortex, you should think about the possible unpleasant consequences of an affair at work, informs Ukr.Media.

Office romances are a common phenomenon that can often be found in both large and small companies. Some couples really met at work and later created completely happy families, disproving the stereotype about the impossibility of healthy relationships in the work environment and confirming that sometimes the game is still worth the candles. At the same time, many people got burned on this, and someone completely lost their favorite job.

Gossip and malicious intent

Almost everyone who has started a relationship with a colleague tries to hide it from others (at least until it becomes clear that it is an optional fling or a serious affair). And this is the right strategy of behavior: at a minimum, other employees will not be aware of your personal life, at most, the boss will not find out about it, who may take the news negatively, which will ultimately lead to dismissal.

However, as practice shows, most colleagues notice other people's work affairs even without open signs of attention. In addition, the desire to build relationships secretly in some cases can provoke gossip that spreads quickly – of course, behind your back. You will not suspect that someone is discussing you not in the best way, but perhaps building tricks. One day you can be framed or put in a bad light in front of the superiors, after which a career in this particular company is unlikely to be possible.

Manipulation and intimidation< /strong>

Not all relationships end on a good note — only some couples come to a calm and measured end to their love story. The common place of work is an aggravating circumstance in such a case. Imagine that your romance will be short-lived, you were too indecipherable, and maybe you cheated on your partner or he hurt you. Meeting in the same space every day, it will be extremely difficult for you to abstract from personal experiences. And even if you rebuilt yourself and dot all the i's, you cannot be responsible for the actions of your ex. Do not rule out the possibility that he harbored a grudge against you or still hopes to restore the relationship, wants revenge or restore justice. During the relationship, he learned your weaknesses and sore points, on which you can press and manipulate your behavior. His reluctance to see you can develop into a clear goal — to survive from the team and once again be removed from his life.

Envy and hypocrisy

< p>Not everyone in the team shares their work sympathies (especially if you are not very close and you are connected only by work). Therefore, you may simply not know that your colleague has long and unrequited love for your lover. Just as you can't predict what her reaction to your relationship will be – someone will proudly step aside, someone will try to survive a love failure, and someone can create a lot of problems for you and start plotting.

Pam&# 39; remember: if you decide to accept the courtship of a colleague, who will also be noticed by the team, then later you may hear sincere joyful words of support or feel envy and an unfriendly mood. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to immediately recognize intentions, especially when cold calculation and hypocrisy come into play.

Lack of personal space

Office romances at work can proceed calmly and measuredly: every couple's relationship is individual and has its own characteristics. Despite this, many psychologists have come to the conclusion that each partner should have their own personal space, time, and territory. Even if both of them want to spend as much time together as possible. You live together, have breakfast, dinner and go to the office together. One day, there may come a time when you feel a burning desire to expand your boundaries and spend a little more time alone with yourself. Avoiding a partner at work will be much more difficult, especially if you participate in the same project and constantly meet on gliders. His behavior and phrases will become annoying, at home you will be angry and may subconsciously offend your partner. Such manifestations will worsen the emotional state of both. Naturally, with the help of a conversation you can solve this problem, but the possibility of its occurrence cannot be denied.

Emotional and physical abuse

You can often hear a story: a girl came to a new place of work and quickly made an impression on the boss. He gives her signs of attention, supports and crosses the boundaries of only business communication. The fact that many succumb to these pleasant courtships (especially if the young man is attractive and charismatic) is understandable. After all, it pleases self-love, the only question is whether such rapid displays of sympathy are sincere. People with a softer character can quickly fall under the influence of a superior colleague and become dependent on him. Both morally and sometimes physically.


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