The MRC Abitibi presents its priorities to the candidates for the election in Abitibi-Ouest | Elections Quebec 2022

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The MRC Abitibi presents its priorities to the candidates for the election in Abitibi-Ouest | Élections Quebec 2022

The Amos Hospital Center emergency and intensive care expansion project was announced in 2019. (archives)

The chosen ones of the MRC Abitibi presented their five priorities to the candidates of the riding of Abitibi-Ouest in the provincial election of October 3.

In addition to the rapid repair of the operating room and the emergency room of the Amos Hospital, they are demanding a new tax pact with Quebec which will allocate them new sources of income.

We have a lot of pressure on municipal taxes, because of government decisions that have a big impact on our territory. To know our realities, to listen to us and to better adapt our financing, among other things with the royalties on natural resources which must be reviewed and better adapted to the affected territories. We really want to renegotiate the tax pact taking into account our regional realities, argues the prefect of the MRC Abitibi, Sébastien D'Astous.

Municipal elected officials in the Amos region are demanding an end to wall-to-wall policies and that programs be adapted to their local realities. According to them, the government orientations that advocate urban densification do not take into account the objectives of dynamic land use in RCMs like theirs, where urban sprawl is not an issue.

The building that houses the offices of the MRC Abitibi and the CLD Abitibi in Amos.

Sébastien D'Astous also cites the example of the financial assistance allocated for the development of a regional plan for wetlands and bodies of water, which is the same for all MRCs in Quebec.

There are RCMs and towns that already have Ducks Unlimited maps, which do not have the size of our territory and even less the percentage of wetlands that we have. How can we give the same amount in subsidy to each of the territories to do the work when we are going further afield, we have more to do? It is impossible for us to arrive at the prices. What we want is that at least the bill be reimbursed as for the other MRCs, so not to be penalized, claims the prefect of the MRC Abitibi.

The Camp Dudemaine Recreational Forest, in Amos (archives).

The elected officials of the MRC Abitibi are also seeking the support of candidates for the construction of a new reception chalet at the Dudemaine Recreational Forest, which has had its multi-resource plan since last April.

What we know is that we need to redo the chalet which is for several users. Several types of sports are practiced there, including mountain biking, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. It's really all the elected officials of the MRC Abitibi who want the chalet to be redone, refurbished, and it's also something we need for the 2026 Quebec Games, says prefect Sébastien D'Astous .

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