The network has ridiculed the ex-the regional Oleg Tsarev

В сети высмеяли экс-регионала Олега Царева

In the Internet ridiculed the colleague ex-the President Victor Yanukovych, who boasted, “uygulay”

As reported Politeka corresponding to the post itself Oleg Tsarev published in Twitter.

“In Yalta today Sunny. Some are taught to go next,” reads the caption.

Note that on the published footage shows that the Tsar sits on a chair, and beside him sits a dog. However, network users amused for one little detail.

В сети высмеяли экс-регионала Олега Царева

“in the resorts of beer pohmelyatsya, cattle*on”, “Wafers you back to Givi and morale not think to send, PI**R ideological)))little on EB**y received in Ukraine?)”, — “today, a dog was walking carcass Tsarev in the occupied Yalta. Teach the dog dirty, use foul language, drink and walk by herself,” they write.

As previously reported, in the Internet ridiculed ally of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych, who came to the birthday in a strange outfit. The published on the page “Stew.Li” in Facebook.

В сети высмеяли экс-регионала Олега Царева

“What do you see? I see a mute question “Well, why don’t you make reports? We’re trying,” reads the caption.

Note that the incident occurred on the 52nd birthday of journalist Dmitry Gordon. Him Herman decided to come in a half-belted jacket, beneath which was visible the abdomen.

Verify that the incident was the reason for caustic comments from the users.

“Dad, we try,” “Mother of God, it’s…”, “whatever…”, “Anka Golden pen”, the “fringe”, “Anna do not know for this “tuning”, “nowhere to put the stigma”, “bagina,” “I will put all the best at once,” “perhaps, hastily dressed – it would’ve taken more,” they write.

В сети высмеяли экс-регионала Олега Царева

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