The network is discussing a video with the real relationship of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle


    Videos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's real-life relationship are being discussed online

    During a visit to the UN Headquarters in New York, Meghan and Harry revealed what is really behind their cute pictures together.

    Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle recently visited the UN headquarters in New York to take part in a meeting dedicated to the memory of Nelson Mandela. During the speech, Prince Harry delivered a poignant speech, recalling his deep and long-standing connection to Africa. The Duke of Sussex also criticized the policies of the United States and other countries, mentioning not only political conflicts, but also the environmental disaster and the ongoing pandemic.

    However, Sussex fans paid attention not so much to Prince Harry's performance as to the moment when he was sitting with his wife in the hall. A video has appeared on Twitter where you can see how the Dukes of Sussex communicate with each other. The videos show that Prince Harry is very tense, at the moment when his wife, smiling, holds his hand tightly. When the Duke of Sussex wants to change position, Meghan places his hand on her lap and holds it tightly with both hands. Markle keeps glancing at the way this pose looks and smiles while Prince Harry looks serious and sad, barely holding back his emotions.

    After a while, Prince Harry still manages to free his hands and put them together on your knees. At this moment, Megan leans over to her husband and begins to slowly stroke his hand. Prince Harry is clearly perplexed by the actions of his wife and looks outraged.

    Royal ill-wishers have suggested that Prince Harry is being held hostage by the former actress. And they suggested that the Duke “blink if he needs help.”

    Focuspreviously wrote that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced the premiere of a documentary film about their lives next year. However, Netflix intends to show the film alongside The Crown in November 2022.


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