The new Ear (stick) from Nothing are already on the market

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The new Ear (stick) by Nothing are already on the market

The < strong>Ear (stick) they are a device with a design marked by the beauty of forms and good performance in terms of function. It is a matter of well-differentiated headphones that follow in the footsteps of its first model, which already marked its success. aesthetic distances with respect to those existing in the market. They are in-ear wireless headphonesthat provide comfort of use and an excellent sound response. In daily use they show their lightness and an ergonomic configuration that adapts well to the ears. It is also characterized by an exclusive charging case, inspired by classic cosmetic silhouettes, and with a compact format that allows easy storage in pockets.

Highlight the ‘stem&rsquo ; in black whose transparency allows you to see some internal components which gives a futuristic look. It is also the classic ‘red dot’ from the creative company: Nothing.

Like a feather

Nothing has put on the market a few days ago its next generation of audio, the amazing Ear (stick) that provide up to 29 hours of playback time, a driver A custom 12.6mm diameter speaker and half in-ear design deliver powerful, natural sound with a feather-light feel. The price stands at 119 euros. In the words of Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of Nothing: “The Ear (stick) is a really comfortable device while also offering our most advanced sound experience to date. The case is inspired by lipstick silhouettes and features a unique, yet functional twist opening”.

Ergonomic design

Ear (stick) has a comfortable design and is presented together with an exclusive compact cylindrical case, resembling cosmetic silhouettes. The earphones sit less intrusively in the ear canal providing a secure fit. Its shape has been tested on more than 100 people, and its lightness, 4.4 grams per earphone, means that it can be used without discomfort throughout the day.


The model integrates a custom dynamic driver, one of the most sensitive on the market. At 12.6mm, it's big enough to deliver deep bass, clear treble and bold detail, while still being small enough for a comfortable fit. 

Since you're using one of Using the highest quality driver magnets available, coupled with a strengthened diaphragm, sound quality remains consistent even at the highest and lowest frequencies.

You also don't miss a beat. sound using Bass Lock technology. The intelligent softwareit measures the shape of the user's ear canal and the fit of the headphones, and detects how much bass is lost during use. The equalizer curve automatically adjusts to the optimum level for the user, providing in-tune bass at all times.

Added Technologies

The device features Nothing's Clear Voice technology. Its three microphones work with updated algorithms to filter out the loudest background noises, amplifying voice for calls that are windproof and crowdproof.


The Ear (stick) have a redesigned antenna that is positioned further from the face to minimize signal blockage. In addition, when the user plays on the brand's smartphone, its popular Nothing Phone, it automatically switches to low latency mode for an accurate mix of sound and graphics. It also connects to any Android device with Fast Pair. 

Push Controls

Push controls are located on the side of each earbud and they work even when fingers are wet. Users can press the earphone pin to play, pause, skip songs, activate voice assistant and change volume.

Mobile App

Device settings and features are directly integrated into the Phone (1) for a complete sound experience. Touch controls and equalizer settings, low, mid and high frequency levels can be customized via quick settings. For all other Android and iOS devices, features are available in the Nothing X app.. This app is compatible with Android 5.1 and higher versions as well. as with iOS 11 and higher.


Up to 7 hours of battery life with the headphones, while the case has another 22 hours of battery life. For a quick charge, it takes 10 minutes in the case to get an additional 2 hours of operation. 


Convenience has been one of the key aspects in product design. It is a less intrusive formatthat allows you to use them for long hours without discomfort. It was tested in more than 100 ear configurations and weighs 4.4 grams.

It stands out for a powerful 12.6 mm custom dynamic driver that allows it to offer deep bass, clear treble and detailed sound, in general. 

They integrate Bass Lock technology that allows intelligently detecting the shape of the ear canalto automatically adjust equalization and prevent dropped frequencies.

Provide optimized connectivity with a design where the antennas are farther from each other. face. This minimizes problems such as disconnections. 

Calls are clear thanks to Clear Voice technology, based on three microphones and algorithms that amplify voice while reducing background noise. 

They manage up to 7 hours of playback on a single charge. The box adds an additional 22 hours of playback.

Intelligent software detects loss of bass as you wear the headphones and adjusts the equalizer curve to the optimal level.

Maximum stability. Automatically switches to low latency mode when used in game mode on the Phone (1).

Access to all customizations and settings directly in the quick settings of the Phone (1). Customize gesture controls. Adjust equalizer settings for low, mid and high frequency levels. Find headphones function. 

Availability and price 

The Ear (stick) are already available on the market for about 119 euros.


Driver: 12.6 mm dynamic

Diaphragm: PEN (polyethylene naphthalate) + PU (polyurethane)

Codec: AAC and SBC

Setting: Nothing

IP54 Resistant to dust, water and sweat

In-ear detection

Google Fast Pair

Charge: Up to 7 hours of usage time. Up to 3 hours of talk time.

With the case: Up to 29 hours of use time. Up to 12 hours of talk time. 9 hours with 10 minutes of charging.

Compatibility: Ear (stick) is charged in the case. The case compatible with USB-C chargers