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The new MacBooks Pro M3 are available for pre-order

Unveiled during Apple's last keynote, the new MacBook Pros equipped with the firm's M3 chip are displayed now available for pre-order at several partner resellers.

We won't have to wait long before we have pre-orders on the latest MacBook Pros. Apple has raised the veil on these new high-powered laptops during his last conference at the University of Chicago. the end of October 2023. Neither one, nor two, the manufacturer took advantage of this. to announce the availability of its next devices: the MacBook Pros equipped with an M3 chip will be released next Tuesday, November 7.

If you wish to reserve your copy, it is possible to find the MacBook Pro M3 at several merchants. Fnac, Boulanger, Amazon, CDiscount and Rakuten have opened hostilities with the prices recommended by Apple. We will certainly have to wait a little to see price drops in the coming months.

The new MacBook Pro M3s are available for pre-order

MacBook Pro 2023 M3

New à from 1998.50 €

  • Fnac1998.50 €See
  • Amazon1999.00 €See
  • Cdiscount1999, 00 €View
  • Rakuten1999,00 €View
  • Darty1999,00 €View
  • Boulanger1999,00 €View

    The new MacBook Pro M3s are available for pre-order

    MacBook Pro 2023 M3

    New à from 2228.50 €

    • Fnac2228.50 €See
    • Amazon2229.00 €See
    • Cdiscount2229, 00 €View
    • Rakuten2229.00 €View
    • Darty2229.00 €View
    • Boulanger2229.00 €See

      The new M3 MacBook Pros are available for pre-order

      MacBook Pro 2023 M3 Pro

      New à from 2498.50 €

      • Fnac2498.50 €See
      • Amazon2499.00 €See
      • Cdiscount2499, 00 €View
      • Darty2499.00 €View
      • Rakuten2939.99 €View

      MacBook Pros with the M3 chip are Apple's most powerful laptops. They are aimed above all at professionals as well as those who wish to have great computing power to work on sound, image, code, etc. …

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