The new Speaker of the House of Representatives passes his first test

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New Speaker of House of Representatives Passes First Test

California Republican lawmaker Kevin McCarthy sits for the first time Monday as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

< p class="e-p">Republican Kevin McCarthy overcame his first test as Speaker of the US House of Representatives on Monday, with the adoption, without difficulty, of the rules of said House at the head of which he was painfully elected before the weekend. end.

The elected members of the Lower House, which narrowly swung to the Republican camp during the mid-term elections, adopted in the evening the rules which will govern their action during the next two years.

Only one elected Republican defected, a remarkable result as the party tore itself apart last week.

For four days, a handful of Trumpist elected officials had effect blocked the accession to the presidency of the House of Kevin McCarthy, who was finally elected only on the 15th round of voting and in an electric atmosphere, a scenario unheard of for more than 160 years.

The California lawmaker praised on Twitter the passing of rules that encourage elected officials to debate, increase transparency and reopen Congress to the people.

But his fellow Democrats noted that Kevin McCarthy had given broad concessions to the slingers to bring them into line.

“I am worried about the deals made behind the scenes. […] These rules do not represent a serious attempt to govern, but a ransom demand for America from the far right.

—Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Jim McGovern

Over the weekend, moderate Republican lawmakers voiced similar criticism. We have no idea of ​​​​the promises that have been made […] and it hurts my heart, declared the elected Nancy Mace, in particular, saying he hesitated to support the text.

The new regulations require elected officials to be present to vote on legislation, unlike a measure adopted during the pandemic. It also authorizes only one of them – against five so far – to introduce a motion of no confidence against the president.

Secondly, it provides for the creation of x27;a commission of inquiry into Democratic instrumentalization of the Justice Department – a way to discredit investigations targeting former President Donald Trump.

Tom Cole is an elected Republican.

Finally, the draft includes measures to solve our problem of out-of-control debt, said elected official Tom Cole. In particular, it mandates that any new spending be funded by cuts elsewhere in the budget, and plans to cancel $72 billion allocated to tax officials.

The White House has let it be known that President Biden would veto if the latter proposal were to pass indefinitely, on the grounds that it would cause a US$115 billion deficit by allowing wealthy cheaters to escape the scam. tax.

According to American media, Kevin McCarthy made other promises to satisfy the dissidents. In particular, he would have agreed to freeze the amount of the budget for 10 years and to reduce military spending by 10%.

It has been proposed to cut billions of dollars from the budget of the Defense, I think it's a horrible idea, commented Republican elected official Tony Gonzales on Sunday, who finally joined the Democrats on Monday.

“With Russian aggression in Ukraine, the growing Chinese threat in the Pacific…how are we going to look our allies in the eye and ask them to increase their military budget if the ;America diminishes its own?

—Texas Republican Representative Tony Gonzales

Especially as these cuts could weigh on aid to kyiv.

It's all on the table, admitted Jim Jordan, a loyal lieutenant of ex-President Donald Trump and rallied to Kevin McCarthy. Frankly, we need to look at the money being sent to Ukraine and wonder if there is a better way to protect America.< /p>

The significance of these measures, however, is largely symbolic: laws passed in the House have no chance of being passed in the Senate, which the Democrats retain control of.

The Republicans will therefore above all have a power of nuisance, through their power to investigate or block bills brought by the government of Joe Biden.

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