The new week will be very difficult for the three zodiac signs. Astrologers have talked about those who should be afraid

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Weekly warning horoscope for the three zodiac signs!

 The new week will be very difficult for the three signs of the zodiac. Astrologers talked about those who should be afraid

Astrologers have named three zodiac signs that they should be careful about. This week will be very difficult for them and may force them to pass certain tests. However, take the following information with a grain of salt, because despite the specific characteristics of the signs of the zodiac, everyone is different!


They'll be in a very nervous state from Monday. The irritation factors will only increase, so don't blame it all on Monday. An Aries may have conflicts with colleagues at work, with subordinates or superiors. Most likely this problem will turn into a global one.


Representatives of this zodiac sign will have health problems. It may be a common cold which then leads to complications, or a diagnosis of serious wounds. You can also get injuries ranging from bruises to fractures. Therefore, stars are advised to be careful and avoid potentially dangerous places.


Representatives of this zodiac sign can cause trouble for their loved ones. First of all, the risk of conflict is with loved ones. Astrologers say the causes of these quarrels this week have flown up like a snowball. Now the lunar eclipse on November 8 and the eclipse corridor that was before are pushing for conflicts.

Experts advise not to lose your temper, but given the influence of celestial bodies, this will simply be impossible. Therefore, you should limit all opportunities to lose control over your emotions as much as possible, do not enter into discussions on topics that are sensitive to us, and above all use health breathing techniques!

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