The news about the draft amendments to the act on burials and places of rest electrified Poles. Do we have anything to fear


The archaic law on cemeteries and burying the dead of January 31, 1959 is to gain a new face.

 The news about the draft amendments to the act on burials and places of rest electrified the Pole. Do we have anything to fear

Some time ago, the media circulated disturbing information about changes in the 1959 Act on the manner of burial of the dead and the place intended for this. The changes to regulate fees for multi-place brick tombs, which, according to the law, would be threatened with liquidation, aroused concern.

Does the government really want to liquidate old graves?

Due to the fact that the regulations created in the times of the People's Republic of Poland no longer meet the requirements and needs of modern society, a project was created aimed at introducing changes updating the existing provisions regulating matters of burial. Today there are many more ways and forms of burial than to lay the body in the ground or to ash it and put it in the ground or catacombs.

We have heard many times that it is possible to cremate and place the ashes in the so-called bourge. The existing regulations do not take into account the possibility of storing an urn with the ashes of a loved one at home, or scattering them, for example, in the once favorite place of the deceased.

The concept of a cemetery, as well as a place of burial, is also strictly defined and regulated by law. Contemporary needs, however, go far beyond the strict standards imposed on the burial in 1959. Controversy and concern were caused by the regulations stipulating the liquidation of mass graves in brick mass after 12 months without paying a fee. So far, after the lapse of 20 years, you have to pay for the place of burial.

On the TikTok platform, the Internet user calms down those who are concerned about the new provisions contained in the draft amendment to the act – The newspapers have already sowed considerable ferment on the amendment to the act on cemeteries, as regards multi-seat masonry tombs, for which, in accordance with the 1959 Act, no reimbursement is made. But of course the articles only cite the justification from the table of the new bill, which is still in agreement , he explains.

@poleniwemu Reply user. @ The bill is finally going to be changed, so don't panic p & oacute; and it's still in one place since October of that year. #cmentarz #ustawa # money #groby ♬ Spooky, quiet, scary atmosphere piano songs – Skittlegirl Sound

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