The news in brief of February 22, 2021, what you missed

The news in brief of February 22, 2021, what you missed

The news in brief of February 22, 2021, what you missed

To know everything about the news people of this Monday, February 22, 2021, it’s here that it happens!

As every day, the editorial ‘of melty invites you to come back to the latest gossip that made the buzz on the planet people. On the program for this day of Monday, February 22? A restless start to the week for some and marked by love for others. While a famous actor became a dad for the first time, another made a secret deal in a sexual harassment case. At the same time, a couple of French actors seem to have formalized their relationship while an American reality TV star could have gotten engaged. Lots of news, the details of which will be revealed to you without further delay.

James Franco struck a deal in his sexual harassment case

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You might not know it, but James Franco was once accused of sexual harassment by several students at his Studio 4 theater school, which has since closed. Two former students named Sarah Tither-Kaplan and Toni Gaal had filed a complaint against the star, claiming that the latter encouraged them to act out explicit and unacceptable sex scenes. According to their accounts, the hero of spring breakers would have sought to “create a network of young women subjected to him sexually, personally and professionally, under the guise of education.” Facts denied en bloc by the principal concerned. Today, we learn that the case was settled out of court. Based on information from Variety, the actor reached an agreement with the opposing party. In particular, a Los Angeles superior court judge said the case was closed. In other words, the actor escapes a highly publicized trial. As for the amount of the financial agreement, it was not disclosed.

Khloé Kardashian would be engaged to Tristan Thompson

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This is the clue that panics fans! It could be that Khloé Kardashian is engaged to Tristan Thompson. As you can see from his post Instagram above, the reality TV star showed off with an impressive diamond ring on her left ring finger. It didn’t take more to get people talking on social networks. Moreover, many Internet users are wondering if the couple has taken this new step. At the moment, there is nothing official.

Wilmer Valderrama became a dad for the first time

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Pink notebook in Hollywood! Wilmer Valderrama became a dad for the very first time. The star actor of the series NCIS and his fiancée Amanda Pacheco welcomed their daughter on February 15th. More satisfied than ever, the comedian shared photos of his family on his account Instagram. “Life is an ever-changing journey and for all those times when our path needs a light … often angels are sent to Earth to show us the way and the fact that we can be more. right from heaven, here is our first girl “ he wrote in the legend of tender clichés.

Two actors from Here Everything Begins as a couple?

Cupid seems to have struck on the set of the French series Here it all begins. To believe many clues, Alizée Bochet and Lucien Belves Mariani could well be in a relationship. The interpreters of Ludivine and Lionel have also posed together on a photo that leaves virtually no doubt about the nature of their relationship. A possible idyll which delights the fans.

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