The Nicaraguan cardinal leaves the hospital after 16 days with the covid-19

The Nicaraguan cardinal leaves the hospital after 16 days with the covid-19

Managua, Sep 11 (EFE) .- The Cardinal of Nicaragua, Leopoldo Brenes, left a local hospital after having entered with the covid-19 16 days ago, the Archdiocese of Managua reported this Saturday.

Brenes, 72, “has returned to his home to continue his recovery process for a reasonable time, following medical guidelines,” the religious headquarters said in a statement.

The Archdiocese of Managua, which on August 27 reported the positive result for covid-19 and a “mild” medical condition on the part of the cardinal, did not report his condition when leaving the Alejandro Dávila Bolaños Military Hospital.

The Catholic delegation added that the cardinal “will gradually return to his ecclesial responsibilities”, without referring to a probable date.

Before catching COVID-19, the archbishop of Managua was also a promoter of personal care in the face of the pandemic, had suspended religious activities of agglomeration, and officiated the masses through Facebook Live from his home, except for special commemorations , when he returned to the capital’s cathedral, under sanitary measures against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

The Catholic Church reported the death of at least four priests from COVID-19 last August, and a total of 14 since March 2020, when the pandemic was detected in Nicaragua.

According to the Nicaraguan government, until last Tuesday the pandemic had left 201 dead and 12,153 confirmed cases of covid-19, of which 615 were reported between the past days 1 and 7, the highest number in a week since March 2020.

On the other hand, the Covid-19 Citizen Observatory reflects 25,156 suspected cases of covid-19, with 4,531 deaths from pneumonia and other symptoms of the pandemic, as well as an increase in infections of 61% in the last week.

Both the medical union and the Government have insisted this week, from different platforms, that the Nicaraguan population intensify its security measures against covid-19.

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