The number of victims of coronavirus in China reached 1523

Число жертв коронавируса в Китае достигло 1523

The number of victims reached Egypt of the novel coronavirus in China reached 1523, recovered 8096, and the number of infected since the outbreak exceeded 66,4 thousand this was reported on Saturday by the State Committee on questions of hygiene and of health of China, reports TASS.

On Friday, the Ministry informed more than 63,8 thousand infected, 1380 victims and 6723 recovered. According to updated figures, the official number of deaths from the coronavirus in the country is of 2.29%.

Among the regions in number of infected at the first place is the Central province of Hubei, where more than 54.4 per thousand infected, of which 1457 people died, recovered 4774. This is followed by the province of Guangdong (South), where sick more than 1.2 thousand inhabitants, Henan (center) and Zhejiang (East), each of which recorded around 1.1 thousand cases of infection.

In Beijing as of Friday, infected 372 people, of which 80 were discharged from the hospital, died three. In bordering Russia, Heilongjiang province, the number of deaths from pneumonia has reached 11 people, the number of infected for the time has reached 419, of which 47 were recovered.

According to the latest official data, under the supervision of physicians in the country, there are more than 169 thousand people who had close contact with infected people. In China, there are more than 8.9 million people with suspected virus quarantined.

According to the authorities, on the territory of 31 main administrative-territorial units of the mainland and three subjects with special management — Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan — there is an ambiguous situation. Outside of the outbreak the outbreak was most pronounced in Central, East, South, and South-West China, where the daily recorded a significant increase of infected (usually 10-20 people a day on the region). From the beginning of the spread of coronavirus an exception in this part of the country consists of the Eastern Fujian province and Shanghai. There the situation is much more encouraging.

In the Northern, North-Western regions of China, the situation is relatively stable, with the exception of Heilongjiang province and adjacent to Beijing in Hebei province, where the number of cases while increasing rather quickly. Infected completely missing in the Tibetan Autonomous region in southwest China. Among the territories with special administrative control for positive stable leader Hong Kong, where almost daily there is an increase by a few people.

At the same time worldwide, according to the website worldometers, the number of infected is 67 of 100 people died from the virus-caused pneumonia 1526 people, and 8193 people have recovered.

Число жертв коронавируса в Китае достигло 1523

the first images of the new coronavirus in Chinese. For this they used an electron microscope.

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