The nun took part in a talent show. Now she has left the convent. She revealed what was behind this decision

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Was the participation in the talent show the reason why the nun left the convent.

The nun took part in the talent show. Now she left the convent. She revealed what was behind such a decision

According to the portal “Interia”, Sister Cristina gained immense popularity thanks to her participation in the Italian edition of the program “The Voice”. It turns out that the singer decided to leave the religious life. Now she reveals what was behind that decision.

Nun in talent show

Cristina Scuccia took part in the program “The Voice of Italy”, which caused a lot of emotions not only in Italy, but also on around the world. It was 2014. A 25-year-old nun wearing a habit appears on the blind audition scene. She presented a song entitled “No One” from the repertoire of Alicia Keys.

To the surprise of many, sister Cristina won the music show and gained immense popularity. It turns out that a lot has changed in the singer's life since then. In the program “Verissimo” she admitted that she is no longer a nun. She noted that the time spent in the convent was the best period of her life.

“Sister Cristina is in me, if I am who I am today, then also thanks to her” – she emphasized, adding that her departure from the order does not mean that she has lost her faith – on the contrary, her faith is to be stronger than ever.

No more habit< /p>

For many, it was a big surprise to see her in an outfit other than a habit. The 34-year-old singer today put on a raspberry costume, let her long black hair down and put on expressive makeup.

Cristina Scuccia still wants to develop her music career. He currently lives in Spain and works in one of the local restaurants. An interesting fact is that also Poles had the opportunity to listen to Cristina – she appeared at World Youth Day.

Were you surprised by this transformation?

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