The nurse reveals what she hears most often from departing patients. This may come as a surprise to many

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What words fall from the mouth of the dying?

 The nurse reveals what she most often hears from departing patients. For many it may be a surprise

According to the portal “O2”, the topic of death is still taboo. There are, however, many words that try to familiarize us with the subject of leaving. One of them is tiktokerka, which meets death on a daily basis. Julie is a nurse who works in an intensive care unit and in a hospice to her credit.

Accompanies dying people

Julie meets death on a daily basis in her work. He shares his experiences on social media. In one of her videos, she explained that not all those who end up in a hospice die right away. She also debunked the myth that morphine makes patients die faster.

The nurse also mentioned what was known as a “rally” or “last hurray”. It can manifest itself in many different ways, although the most common improvement in a person's health is. She begins to eat, talk, laugh and joke. Unfortunately, this is not a long-term change, because these patients die within a few days.


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This is what he hears most

Julie also decided to share the words most often uttered by dying people. She admitted that some of the words she hears most often are “I love you”, as well as the calls of mom and dad. They are even called by those who are aware that their parents have been dead for a long time.

She revealed that very often people who leave see their loved ones who have left this world before. It happens that they talk about visiting angels and even pets. Sometimes they ask the staff if they can see them too. Sometimes these “guys” tell them that they will come after them soon and ask them not to worry.


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♬ original sound – 💕 Hospice nurse Julie 💕

Until now, however, scientists have not been able to explain what caused this phenomenon.

Did this surprise you?

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