“The nurses here!”: Loboda in ultrashort dress struck fans strange dance (video)

«Санитаров сюда!»: Лобода в ультракоротком платье поразила фанатов странным танцем (видео)

Recently in Moscow, the evacuation of Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda surprised fans with his extraordinary performance at the festival Big Love Show 2020. The artist suspected that fairly plucked before going on stage.

So, on the Youtube channel of the journal “StarHit” there was a record of a fragment of the song Loboda “New Rome”, where the singer makes a very strange movement. At first she tries to stand on one leg, swaying heavily, and then tries to lift my leg as high as possible. The attempt is unsuccessful, and the singer just awkwardly jumps.

Fans Loboda in social networks in different ways embraced her wild dances. Some wrote that the singer just got carried away with their own performance. Others noted in the comments that Loboda came on stage drunk or just a bit more in inadequate condition, “Mother, you’re drunk, go home!” “The nurses here!”.

Some could not refrain from sarcastic comments about the dance abilities Loboda, saying that “the Average woman at corporate will teach better.”

Especially tried one of the “evil” in the world of Russian show business bloggers Lena Miro, which made the artist a different verdict. The star of “Live journal” says that the ex-soloist of “VIA gra” is not “stoned”, and just sick and she needs to be treated urgently.

Miro noted that, based on the antics Loboda on stage, it can be concluded that the singer is a mental disorder. At least, according to blogers, so behave people with schizophrenia.

“Also currently stand, handles, legs jerk in a trance, drooling allowed,” wrote Miro.

Meanwhile, the crazies, reminded the blogger sitting behind a high fence under the supervision of nurses, and Svetlana as if nothing had happened on the loose and worse still — shines on the stage. This is the main danger, says Miro.

At the same time, representatives Loboda has not commented on the statements on the Internet about her performance. But Youtube channel with videos already blocked.

Earlier, Svetlana Loboda angered its users complaints for hard work. The singer has published in his Instagram account post, in which he spoke about the busy schedule of the artists, and then asked the fans if he really believe that the stars of the easy life. In the comments many users have indicated that earnings Loboda is consistent with the recoil. Others noted that there is a much more difficult, but low-paid profession, such as Builder and miner.

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