The nutritionist called the four signs of abuse salt

Nutritionist and fitness instructor from US Mandy Anrig called the basic signs of too much salt in the diet. Abuse of salt is, according to information portal “latest news” in the article on the topic common in the modern world problem.

Диетолог назвал четыре признака злоупотребления солью

Doctors recommend limiting salt intake to two-three grams a day, however some people significantly exceed this dose. The result of abused problems with blood pressure, edema, indigestion and other dangerous changes.

“Sodium helps the body to organize the water consumption. When we feel thirsty, we often want to eat something salty, but good solution is to drink a glass of plain water”, says Anrig, noting that if the salt level in the blood is too high, you may receive the swelling. Other dangerous consequences of too strong an addiction to salt — the headaches caused by vasodilation in the brain and the malfunctioning of the taste buds.

“Thirst, edema, headaches, and changes at the level of the taste buds — these are the main signs that you need to reduce salt intake. Perhaps you will need to abandon nuggets, pizza, canned food and burgers. If we talk about home food, sometimes salt in the recipe can be successfully replaced by lemon juice and aromatic spices”, — says nutritionist.

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