The nutritionist spoke about the benefits of honey for cough and dermatitis

Natural honey is not only a tasty product that loves the majority of children and adults, but also an excellent tool for the treatment of certain diseases. A nutritionist from the UK, Nicola Shubrook told that to use viscous and sweet “the result of the work of the bees” is useful for coughs, as well as lesions of the skin and dermatitis.

Диетолог рассказал о пользе мёда при кашле и дерматите

The composition of honey, in addition to water, a large number of trace elements and pollen contains 30% glucose and 40% fructose, which is 10-20 per cent less than in the Sahara. The difference in products also in calories and sweets, and in both cases, the richer the honey, which can be used due to its healing properties and pleasant taste for the treatment of cough in children. It effectively relieves the symptoms of colds, however, almost the same effect and medicines for cough, otpuskaya in pharmacies without a prescription.

In addition, the dietitian reminded that it has long been known about the antibacterial properties of honey and positive effect on the rate of wound healing. It can be used to minimize the risk of scarring and speed up the growth of new tissue. Conducted about 8 years ago studies have shown that honey can be used for the treatment of seborrheic dermatitis. Volunteers, to apply on the damaged area to dilute the natural product within one month intervals through the day, as a result noticed a significant improvement in skin condition.

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