“The ocean is boiling, the fins are flying.” Scientists capture rare 3-hour battle between killer whales and humpback whales

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  • «The ocean is boiling, fins are flying». Scientists filmed a rare three-hour fight between killer whales and humpback whales

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As a rule, killer whales prey on smaller mammals – sea lions and pigs. But this time they went into battle with a group of sea whales.

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Orcas are known for their group attacks on other inhabitants of the ocean, these predators are able to surround the prey and kill just for fun. However, killer whales rarely attack opponents as large as humpback whales, writes Insider.

A unique video of a three-hour fight between Bigg's killer whales and humpback whales was filmed by scientists from the Pacific Whale Watching Association. During one of the voyages, they accidentally filmed this emotional fight with the clapping of powerful tails and fins.

At first, it seemed to scientists that the whales were trying to hide from killer whales, and they continued to pursue them. However, over time, it became clear that the humpbacks were not trying to escape from the fight, but rather rushed into battle – every time when the distance between killer whales and whales seemed to increase, the humpbacks returned to teach the predators a lesson.

Note that the attack of packs of killer whales on other inhabitants is not something surprising. But, as a rule, they prefer to feed on smaller mammals – for example, seals, sea lions and pigs.

Scientists believe that the situation in the Salish Sea has escalated recently – there are too many Bigg killer whales, while while humpback whales, on the contrary, remain in these waters under protection. As a result, the meetings of these huge inhabitants of the ocean are becoming more frequent.

Note that scientists have been able to identify killer whales and humpback whales. Luckily, most of them didn't suffer much. Scientists said that they managed to meet one of the humpbacks named Hydra a few days later. Apparently, the Hydra was not badly damaged during the skirmish. According to scientists, there are signs of a fight on the body of the whale, but in general she feels normal and does not look “shabby”.