The Ontario Liberals are no closer to having a new leader

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The Ontario Liberals are not about to have a new leader

Steven Del Duca, leaves the stage after resigning as party leader on election night, in Vaughan.

The Party Ontario Liberal, which has had disappointing results in the last two provincial elections, is in no rush to choose a new leader to replace Steven Del Duca, who failed to get elected on June 2 and had resigned the same evening.

For a second straight election, the provincial Liberals failed to elect enough MPs to gain official party status at Queen's Park.

Three longtime liberals did an analysis of the campaign. They interviewed employees, candidates, volunteers and conducted a membership survey.

Their recently published report concludes, among other things, that ex-chief Steven Del Duca was unpopular and that the outbreak of the pandemic harmed him. He had been elected leader in March 2020, just before the confinement.

The lack of global vision, as well as the lack of training and support for campaigns in the constituencies are also shown from the finger.

The outcome of the 2022 election campaign was devastating and disappointing for Ontario Liberals, reads the report, which also finds a lack of voter information .

“The topic of data came up in several in-depth interviews and stocktaking meetings. The central question is: how come we didn't see it coming?

Constituency campaigners said recruiting volunteers had been their biggest challenge. Many inexperienced people collected data that they believed was inaccurate or inconsistent.

One of the main recommendations of the report is to review the process for electing the party leader. Interim Liberal Leader John Fraser confirms the party will consult on this.

Do changes need to be made to the rules that affect convention delegates? Should we adopt the “one member-one vote” system or a hybrid system? These are questions that will be examined during the consultations, explained in an interview Mr. Fraser, who is also a member of the executive council of the party.

A proposal to grant one vote per member was rejected in 2019, but narrowly.

According to what emerges from the consultations, the party will propose amendments to its constitution at its annual congress in March. John Fraser explained that the dates and rules for the leadership contestants will only be determined once this process has been completed.

There will therefore be no new leader before a while.

For their part, the New Democrats, whose leader also resigned on election night, will hold a confirmation vote on February 4. Toronto MP Marit Stiles is the only candidate to succeed Andrea Horwath.

Ms Horwath has since been elected mayor of Hamilton. Steven Del Duca won the mayoralty of Vaughan on October 24.

With information from La Presse canadienne

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